3 comments on “Review: NEUROSIS – Fires Within Fires

  1. Ok, so this review makes the album sound very promising. But I’m surprised now about the length of the songs on this record. Originally, the lengths suggested this 5-track album would be 60+ min with the closer, Reach, topping 23 minutes! Even now, if you google the album, it shows those longer song lengths. Now, if you read the 2 published reviews online, plus if you look at the track lengths on iTunes, it looks like this will be barely 40 minutes. Maybe that’s ok, but with a Neurosis release, you sort of expect epic in every way possible. I’m actually still holding out some hope that the band is trying to pull off a hoax similar to what Old Man Gloom did 2 years ago. OMG tricked reviewers into thinking The Ape of God was a single disc, but then just shortly before the release date, it was revealed to actually be a double album with 4 more tracks and some of the songs even stretched out more.


    • Yeah, I was surprised with the lengths too, but as long as the quality is there. I’d heard it was 40 minutes, so I resigned myself to this being a bit like an extended EP.


  2. What’s the story with vocal presence on this record? Crossing my fingers for some sweet, sweet and long absent Dave backing vocals


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