2 comments on “Best of 2017: Lane’s Top 30 Releases of the Year

  1. Interesting list(s). I will especally take Cloakroom and Glassjaw with me over the holidays after having seen those on multiple sites. Coming to think of it and forcing myself through 2017 again I can’t say that I have many highlights that held up or that I would recommend and annoy everybody else with.
    From your list particularly I have only listened to Mogwai which I liked very much (Imo Mogwai is best when they play their instruments on a sound level that is not only audible to dogs but also to humans (fuck you CODY or was it Young Team) and when piano/synth are forced to the background, it has become my 2nd favourite of theirs behind HWND, still by a wide margin though), and Boris (which I didn’t like. I’m still looking for a second Pink although I’m not sue if this just wasn’t an off-beat record for them. That Pink reissue was what got me into them in the first place.). 2017 fun fact: I have only been to one concert, and that was The Rolling Stones in Hamburg, very atypical for me, and it was fantastic.

    Here’s what I liked::
    Amplifier – Trippin’ With Dr. Faustus
    Ride – Weather Diaries
    Slowdive – s/t
    Quicksand – Interiors (although not as good as I hoped)
    The Life and Times – s/t
    Unsane – Sterilize
    The Black Angels – Death Song
    1000mods – Repeated Exposure to…. (was that even in 2017?)
    Mogwai – Every Country’s Sun
    Dead Heavens – Whatever Witch You Are
    Traindodge – Time Will Never Know Your Name
    NIN – Add Violence / Not the Actual Events (the former EP better than the latter)

    Honorable mention:
    The Jesus and Mary Chain – Damage & Joy
    Cairo Knife Fight – Seven
    Feeder – Arrow
    Dion Lunadon – s/t

    With that in mind I wish you some happy holidays and all the best for 2018, man!

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    • Hey! Nice to hear from you again! I dig your list though I will say that the new Quicksand bored the shit out of me lol. And I agree, HWND is my favorite Mogwai and this record ALMOST topped it. Anyway, I hope you have a good holiday too.


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